Are you spiritual?

Who is a spiritual person?

In all the many debates around spirituality and, sad to admit, artificial creation of spiritual divides and arrogance – spiritual have’s and have not’s – I would want to declare that we are all spiritual beings. We are just at different classroom levels in this education but all of us are ultimately students.

That also brings me to another point – everyone is born with intuition and good instincts – what converts some into healers is how much they focus on honing this ability to bring insights and empowerment to others’ lives.

It still does not make them more spiritual than others, just maybe more helpful and insightful persons…this, in turn, makes them more receptive to spirituality and easier to understand its definition.

It also enables them to control their less spiritual responses and feelings a little faster than others but does not ensure that they do not suffer from the same pangs and miseries as another person lower down the ladder

Are you spiritual?

Are you spiritual?

So how do we define the spiritual being in all of us…?

1. One who understands and appreciates that there is a part of God in all of us – that we have been created from the same source so none of us are really unequal in his eyes. This is very easy to understand but very difficult to implement. Do we really see others as equals, do we really treat them as equals…something to think about.

2. One who stays with another (friend, spouse, lover, family member etc.) out of love and respect, not guilt, pity, duty, insecurity or dependence. Sooner or later the cracks will show and you may need to decide if you want to change the relationship in some way or leave it gracefully and peacefully.

3. One who recognises that spirituality is about self-mastery – go faster into the acceptance from reaction mode. Acceptance is not the same as fatalism – it may entail continuing with the same sad/angry/frustrated emotions but realising that life and other people cannot be controlled and making peace by stepping into the others’ shoes. The triggers will keep coming till you stop reacting, when you surrender and allow yourself to look within, gain mastery over your reactions and outbursts, the external triggers will reduce too.

4. To whom inner peace is more important than winning or ego satisfaction. Giving away a victory or walking away from strife is not the act of a coward but admitting that it is just not important enough. That is not to say that you give up something if it’s truly important but bid your time, wait for pieces to fall into place and then try again. Another way is to ensure that there are no losers and everyone wins, including you.

5. One who calmly accepts that money is a form of energy and needs to be respected as much as any other need. Spirituality and financial abundance are not enemies, in fact it is difficult to become spiritual in our daily lives unless our stomachs and those of our loved ones are filled. Our cups have to flow before we can share with others. The only thing to restrain is greed and prioritising the ‘money-energy’ on top of any other forms of energy. As with everything else in Nature, the ‘money-energy’ needs to be balanced with other emotional energies and needs within us.


photo credit: ANNAPURNA YATRA Himalayas mountain NEPAL via photopin (license)


Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik

With her experience in Intuitive Tarot, Psychic Reiki, Intuitive counseling, Nandita’s gift is combining multiple forms of divination to deeply transform the lives of her clients.

Nandita has been doing psychic Reiki and intuitive Tarot reading for some time now and has helped many people understand and seek guidance from their inner being.

Her 20 years in the corporate world, a certified soft skills training combined with spiritual healing provides an excellent base for being a Life Coach.

Helping you in your journey with compassion, non-judgemental and intuitive guidance is her path to coaching you to lead a better life

Her Mantra – Help people transform their lives by empowering them and equipping them with knowledge so that they become self-reliant.

Using her spiritual understanding, she writes regular pieces based on own insights and experiences.

Apart from writing for Spiritual Cruiser, she blogs at kaappiconversations
Nandita Kaushik

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  1. Usha
    Usha says:

    Great going and looking forward to read your blogs on these interesting topics, Nandita. All the best.

  2. Rahul
    Rahul says:

    Dear author,

    I’ve always wondered what spirituality is and the post above is possibly the most lucid explanation I’ve ever witnessed. Those who speak of spirituality tend to complicate a person’s quest for spirituality. Most spiritual thinkers justify their meritocratic thinking by correlating it with some form of religion which simply reflects their privileged ignorance.

    I urge you to continue simplifying the Pandora of spirituality. Looking forward for the next post. 🙂

  3. Nandita
    Nandita says:

    Thanks all – yes it is true that being spiritual is only being true to your own spirit and being aware. An easy concept to relate to but can be a little challenging to implement but very rewarding. Its great to know that you could relate to the article and hope to keep you interested in more…

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