Experiences with occult modalities

Occult Modalities: Is one better than the other?

In my journey of self-discovery, I sought out many Occult Modalities.  My first step was to seek the help of astrology. This diagnostic modality made me understand the blueprint of my life – the years gone by, the assets I have, the challenges that have faced and will face, my good years and not great ones. The arrangement of planets at the time of birth created a map of my life which uncannily rang true when diagnosed and explained a lot of mishaps. It also showed me what paths would suit me and how I can leverage my strengths.

However, most of the wise astrologers that I had the good fortune of meeting,  always said that prediction is just a set of probabilities – ultimately it’s your own karmic thoughts and actions that can enhance or reduce the possibilities ahead. The decision making for actions was left to me, for my own free will to create and manifest.

This is when I found spiritual or occult modalities – Tarot, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, SRT  – all extremely useful in diagnosing and helping you better understand yourself. There are many more spiritual modalities like Pranic healing etc. that I have yet to experience and many that I do not know about so will not venture to write about them.

The spiritual methods empower us with reasons and explanations – what actions, thoughts and beliefs are self-limiting or hindering progresses and why have these been formed. Addressing issues from the root of the problem – in other words, explain the whys’ behind what was evident in the astrological charts.

Occult Modalities

Occult Modalities: Is one better than the other?

Tarot was and continues to be my personal favourite as it reflects our daily life,  helps us reach decisions and can be used for very mundane issues or for very deep issues as well – karmic debts, soul’s journey, our present and past life connections, our mission in life etc. Drawing on your own subconscious energy and that of the universe, it shows us possibilities and trends. As the case in astrology, wise practitioners do not like to make firm predictions as that would mean interfering with your free will and soul’s path. However, Tarot can guide on our present circumstances and how it can impact the immediate future.

Reiki acts like a catalyst, when we get attuned, we ‘’shake’’ our ever-present but inert life-force (Pranam) so that it starts acting on our blocks and gaps, created by years of emotional suppression. Reiki not only heals but also unearths hidden talents and skills and re-acquaints us with our inner self. For example, it set free my intuitive abilities and almost honed them to psychic levels, it broke open my block about writing and freed me to imagine again. Reiki is a continual process as we build blocks almost daily with our reactions and thoughts – inevitable in the stressful times we live.  As an advanced Reiki practitioner once told me, ‘’Reiki can be expressed through eyes, words, feelings…you don’t know how and where this intelligent energy will go and act in your body’’. It may even create some tumultuous feelings while opening up blocks we have guarded so zealously – cleansing toxicity does not happen overnight but if you are aware, it takes less time.  For a few others, Reiki healing is so subtle and directed at the tired soul, that the person may say, ‘’nothing is happening.’’ Real healing takes time to manifest and also depends on how toxicity has been accumulated over the years.

Modalities like SRT heal our soul through its present and past lives clearing but again you may just experience an uplifted and light feeling as an outcome. However, the kinds of blocks it diagnoses and cleanses are very significant. Energy healing and inner child healing leads to empowerment as you discover the source of your conditioning and restricting beliefs. Just the knowledge is enough to create calm and self- containment.

Of course,  in the end none of the modalities will stay or sustain if you do not believe, if you are spiritual in theory but not so in practice. For in the end it is all about how you treat and respond to your fellow human beings and how you moderate your day-to-day emotions

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Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik

With her experience in Intuitive Tarot, Psychic Reiki, Intuitive counseling, Nandita’s gift is combining multiple forms of divination to deeply transform the lives of her clients.

Nandita has been doing psychic Reiki and intuitive Tarot reading for some time now and has helped many people understand and seek guidance from their inner being.

Her 20 years in the corporate world, a certified soft skills training combined with spiritual healing provides an excellent base for being a Life Coach.

Helping you in your journey with compassion, non-judgemental and intuitive guidance is her path to coaching you to lead a better life

Her Mantra – Help people transform their lives by empowering them and equipping them with knowledge so that they become self-reliant.

Using her spiritual understanding, she writes regular pieces based on own insights and experiences.

Apart from writing for Spiritual Cruiser, she blogs at kaappiconversations
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