Living without expectations

Can you survive living without expectations?

Ever since I was a kid, we were taught to ‘do’ without expecting, to perform our duties, without focusing on the outcome, to fulfill our destinies without expectation of a reward.

These are words that have stayed with me since then. Words without meaning. Scriptures quoted out of context. Hanging in the air without any significance.

It is only now that I have realized the meaning behind these words.

Living without expectations

Living without expectations

Since I have started a journey down the path toward self-realization, these words have come back to mean so much more.

The last year has been a revelation of sorts for me, as I realized the futility of frustration and exasperation in not being able to control a situation.

The anger in not being able to dictate the path.

The anguish at being let down by others.

The sadness at being ignored, misunderstood and overlooked.

Then I realized that life ‘happens’. Situations unfold as they must. It is up to you to how to react to them.

If you choose to be miffed… you are.

If you choose to ignore it… it will be swept under the carpet and away from your attention.

If you choose to hold a grudge… you will.

If you choose to be at peace with whatever happens… you will be.

The only person who gets affected by your decisions is you. The only one who suffers is you. And the only one who can control how you feel is you.

So I chose to let go. And realized true happiness. Being in a position where I am not bogged down by my own expectations, has made life simpler and more enjoyable.

I spend less time worrying about situations, stressing about the outcomes of my efforts and actions. I do not waste time in trying to second guess a person’s opinion about me or my work.

As a result, my focus has shifted to pouring my heart into everything I do, giving it my best shot and then leaving it for destiny to decide the outcome.

The funny thing is, since then, my perception of the outcome has only been positive. When you approach a situation with absolutely no expectations, you are happy with whatever transpires.

Living without expectations, is a freedom that you have to experience to believe.

Letting go is tough. And yet, let go we must, if we wish to evolve. For if we do not shut one door, others can never open.


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