Moksha: A Definition

A personal definition of Moksha

I define Moksha as the Shiva/Buddha/Christ/Mohammad/Nanak in all of us. And what is it that all these divine entities extolled – an undoubted faith in the ability to evolve guided by compassion, knowledge, strength and empathy. Yet these are still means to an end. Recently during my meditation a had a vision of two paths – one a path of a road, greenery, human beings, family – the human existence. And then the other path the ‘’parallel universe’’ that traverses alongside – the path of the soul’s journey and evolution. This path in my mind was moving swiftly with many spirits (white, ethereal) in motion, facing the human path but traveling fast from the left to right direction.

The human existence seemed more slow, strolling along amiably and sedate in comparison. They are parallel as one (human existence) will not live but its ethereal journey will continue. How is this related to my earlier statement – that compassion, knowledge etc. are means to an end?

It is through these learnings and its manifestations that the soul evolves as it continues its ethereal journey. When these qualities are firmly entrenched and becomes a part of its very definition, the soul reaches its destination – Moksha. So what is Moksha – nothing but BALANCE. Balance that becomes so intrinsic that the soul cannot ‘’live’’ without it – as necessary as breathing is to living. It is this final destination that the soul aims for and lives through many lives to reach. Hence while we learn to balance emotions, situations, people in fits and starts in our lives, the soul will continue to evolve till balance becomes the only way to exist.


Moksha: A definition

The state of Balance is not detachment or equanimity or equilibrium – it is a long-standing, robust and unchanging state in itself. Balance is what keeps Nature together as a cohesive whole working in tandem and not against each other. A very delicate state to achieve yet cast in stone else it would not be so unchanging (human intervention is of course another story!). It is a commitment to stay in a never-changing state of Balance. Balance in thought, action, emotion, energy in a consistent way lifetimes after lifetimes – that is the highest level of attainment. It is a state of Doing that may even call for extreme action or energy to bring things back to order. Hence through a mix of masculine and feminine energies, which we all carry irrespective of our gender, the perfect mix of elemental energies that we carry in our bodies – water, air, fire and earth –  when conducted in perfect balance over time – leads us to Moksh. Fire energy gives us action, earth gives us resilience or strength, air gives is wisdom and intelligence and water governs our emotions. When the delicately held balance of any of these energies is disturbed, we fall behind in our quest for moksh. When this misbalance continues for long in a lifetime, the soul suffers as it knows another lifetime is needed to correct the imbalance and create new experiences.

Most of the divine masters (Gods) carried a permanent state of balance in them – feminine (nurturing) and masculine (action) energies, have a balance of all the elemental energies and hence are the souls that have not only reached Moksh but can guide others as well. In some religions like Hinduism, in my layman interpretation, these energies are defined in terms of different Gods and Goddesses but come to rest finally with the Mahadev – Shiva – the one who is a ultimate definition of Moksh by the sheer quantum of energies he balances. In other religions, my educated guess is that one divine master carries these energies within them as a cohesive whole.

If we can work with the Shiva/Buddha/Christ/Mohammad/Nanak within us – defined as the consistency of balance as a permanent state – the journey towards Moksh, I suspect, might get a little shorter.


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Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik

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