Karma… Of cause & effect

What does Karma really mean?

Here is how I have described Karma to many…  Karma is cause and effects… it is a pattern we are going to go through again and again (abandonment, betrayal, jealousy, rejection, etc.) and will continue for the rest of our life as this is what we are born to see through in this lifetime.

The cause we have no control over, it is a life pattern we are born into.  The effects, however, we can control.

How we react every time the cause is presented to us in our lives is what effects are about, that is what the pattern is and we can choose to see through this and go beyond it… and once we have  gone beyond it (where there is no reaction to the cause), we have let go of that Karma.  The cause may repeat, but when the conditioned reaction is not there, the effects are gone… and Karma needs both sides, cause and effects, to be a “thing”.

No one can point your patterns out to you… I mean they can, but till you “see” it for yourself, it won’t make any sense…

The idea is, you dig, dig and see how each one of those incidents like, “let downs”, “break in trust” etc. have made you feel, what did it add to your being, that has made you who you are today. Every tiny piece of “you”, you have created… the idea is to unravel and unwind those threads that have control on you, that when xyz happens and that string is pulled, it will make “you” react (dance in) a certain way without fail.

Things like “let downs”, “break in trust” are just the lila (drama) that is going to repeat in your life… the hurt/reactions are what make you “you”.

It’s very simple… if any other person is let down, s/he will not react as you do… that’s because they may not be affected by it (not one of their patterns for this lifetime) or will react completely differently, one person may clam up and another lash back and become vengeful, while another becomes a victim and goes into a “poor me” space…

But what blocks (hurts) you add to reinforce “You” are unique to you as are your reactions to these stimuli.

You have to find those… those are your building blocks… when you find one (there are many many building blocks)… you genuinely accept it as “this is me” (no excuses or hiding, nothing to be ashamed of… don’t let your ego tell you otherwise)… once you “see” it and accept it… you can then make an intention to let it go.

Depending on how deep the conditioned reaction goes, it may be a quick one to let go, or it may take a few turns (but with each one you will see it gets easier to let go).

How do you know when the pattern is gone? Life will not spare you, just because you have seen it and let go… it will happen again and again… but it won’t affect you the same way anymore… you won’t react to it anymore… you have gone past that karma.

Sharing my painting Charmer . This painting has many meanings… but one is that of a snake charmer… the one who creates (cause) and pulls the strings to control the “effects”.

Karma - The Charmer

Charmer – the one who creates “cause” and pulls the strings to control the “effects”


Mahasweta Mitra

Around 2004, I began my spiritual journey and along the way have been blessed by many openings and insights. Initially, I only experienced a beautiful stillness and freedom during meditation, but over time it began to pervade my daily life and has stabilized into my everyday living.

I feel unspeakable gratitude for being blessed with this stillness, peace and freedom. While I traveled this path, I realized how all of the stress and worries we experience in our lives comes from the mind trying to keep a “Me” in place. We and others have defined an image for us, and we spend most of our lives, stressing and worrying about how to keep this image in place. I hope to share some techniques, insights, books, and other resources that can be used to free us from the mind created stress and worry that causes us so much suffering.

Another surprise blessing along the way was me getting in touch with my inner artist. When I started painting in 2010, from a place of stillness, I watch the colors merge and create the beautiful paintings. I can’t really say I create the paintings, because any time my mind is actively deciding what to do, the paints and colors don’t really flow. However, when I stop, I become silent, I ask the divine/stillness to paint. Then, the colors, the shades, the paint, the brush strokes, it all just flows. That's why I call my paintings Creations From Stillness. If you would like to support my art, please visit my Patreon page.

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