The River of Life

The River of Life

Life is like a river. The river of Life. It was a quiet evening. The birds had just stopped chirping their noisy good nights. Little stars struggled to twinkle through the fading twilight as a gentle breeze started blowing over the river. I continued to stare in silence, lost in contemplation, seated on one of […]

My Journey to find God

My Journey to find God

Reflections on my journey to find God. ‘Why can’t I find You?’ I asked of God, in frustration. ‘I have visited every house of worship, said every prayer, performed every rite to find You. And yet, Your presence eludes me’. To my surprise, an apparition of Him floated before my eyes, beckoning me… urging me… […]

Experiences with occult modalities

Occult Modalities

Occult Modalities: Is one better than the other? In my journey of self-discovery, I sought out many Occult Modalities.  My first step was to seek the help of astrology. This diagnostic modality made me understand the blueprint of my life – the years gone by, the assets I have, the challenges that have faced and will face, […]

Escaping and Perspective

Escaping and Perspective

Finding the right balance between Escaping and Perspective. Two of the most important ingredients for an everyday, stress-free life I believe are the abilities to ’Escape’ and to gain ‘Perspective’.  Create shorts bursts of ‘healthy’ escapism and create a 30,000 feet perspective to situations/emotions and see how smooth the day is. Healthy and balanced doses […]

Moksha: A Definition


A personal definition of Moksha I define Moksha as the Shiva/Buddha/Christ/Mohammad/Nanak in all of us. And what is it that all these divine entities extolled – an undoubted faith in the ability to evolve guided by compassion, knowledge, strength and empathy. Yet these are still means to an end. Recently during my meditation a had a […]

The Mirror: A reflection of you?

The Mirror

Does a mirror reflect you? Or what you want to see? Think for a minute about the simple mirror and its role. When you are a mirror, you are simply reflecting the energies of others in front of you, you are not them and they are not you but who you are remains hidden behind […]

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