The Mirror: A reflection of you?

Does a mirror reflect you? Or what you want to see?

Think for a minute about the simple mirror and its role. When you are a mirror, you are simply reflecting the energies of others in front of you, you are not them and they are not you but who you are remains hidden behind the mirror. Maybe you are not meant to be anybody, just a physical body that keeps reflecting different energies and manifestations off emotions at different points of time. You are an infinite being living a finite experience.

Know that till something/someone comes in front of the mirror, it remains clear, opaque yet transparent. Nothing can and should penetrate it; its role is just to reflect or radiate. It doesn’t absorb, it doesn’t interfere, and it just shows things as is. It’s up to us to accept or deny the image it shows.

Why I like the mirror is that it is completely non-judgmental – it does not show you the way, it does not advise and it does not pretend to save you – the task is just to show you your truth – whether you accept it or deny it, is up to you.

On a lighter side, we use the mirror as a reflection of our physical body – what we wear, how we look, what is happening to our skin outside etc. What if there was a mirror that could actually show you your soul. Its colours, its messages so you could know what to do and think. Oh well, till such a mirror is invented, we just have to rely on our feelings/intuition to make us hear if not see our soul.

What if Existence or Life is that mirror. If you are unhappy with the image that is getting reflected, you take external help. You introspect, seek help, change, or ask for spiritual help – whatever be the path but the end destination is the same – change the way you look and feel. The only difference is that Life as a mirror would also seek to change you from the inside so it can reflect on the outside as well.

The Mirror

The Mirror: A reflection of you?

Contrary to what religion would have us believe, Life, given as a gift to us from God/universe, is not something to be afraid of or live fearfully and with cautious treads. Neither God nor Existence is waiting to condemn you or punish you – very peacefully and accurately it will keep reflecting you in your entirety. It’s your own soul/higher soul that will prod you into action.

Our soul encourages us to experiment, fail, falter, succeed, change, as that is the only way that you will see a different you in the mirror. The mirror or Life will not come in your way, it is a sum total of what all you go through in this journey. Life or the mirror can’t speak to you but it will very effectively show you the truth – whether you wince when you see the truth or smile is again your decision.

So the next time you face a mirror, don’t just see the wrinkles, the blackheads and age spots – pay attention to the image it shows, the journeys it reflects on your face and the shine that comes only from within. So the question – ‘’mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’’….and the answer ‘’ not you my lady, not you…but you are the most lived of them all’’


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Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik

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